How does deliver POE currencies and items?

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Face-to-Face: We offer a quick, safe, and convenient method of delivery, so you do not have worry about the security of your account while buying POE currencies and items from us.


Trading POE PC currencies only requires the information of your "Character Name", and it requires your PSN name while trading  POE PS4 currencies. 

 For gamers  from Xbox One, be sure to inform us of your Xbox Live Gamertag.


Once your order is placed and processed, we will reach out to schedule an in-game delivery time that's convenient for you. Before meeting us for the trade, clear out your inventory to leave enough room for your purchased currencies. Our professional representative will invite you into a POE party and deliver the currencies face-to-face. Please enable party invitation notifications so you won't miss our invitation. We strive to complete all orders within 30 minutes of them being placed.


For account security reasons, we advise all players to give us a random item at the time of delivery. It does not need to be something of value. All conversations regarding your transaction should occur outside of the game.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account