Path of Exile: What You Need To Know About The Ultimatum Challenge Leagues

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The Ultimatum expansion for Path of Exile just dropped. It's a major content update that comes with additions and changes. Challenge Leagues are among the expansion's features.


What Are Ultimatum Challenge Leagues


This new feature allows players to make a new start in the game's economy. They will retain their old characters and items from the Standard and Hardcore leagues so this is not a total reset. Once players start the new leagues they will be able to complete activities and acquire rewards. These activities include trials of chaos. Each area comes with its trials. Visit the trial master NPC and it will give you the tasks and the possibility to select the modifiers that make the trial more challenging. The NPC will also tell you about the reward. Inscribed Ultimatums can be found on maps. You can use them with the map device and you will reach the location of the trial master. Each one of these items lists an offering that you need to obtain, difficulty modifiers, and the potential prize. If you fail the trial you lose the offering. 

The expansion introduces three challenge leagues. These are standard, hardcore, and solo self-found. All share items and mechanics. Players also have the possibility to make private versions of these leagues. They can make them more challenging with mods. The new challenge leagues have 40 challenges. Players get the Ultimatum Helmet as a reward for achieving 12 challenges. The pet is the reward obtained for 25 challenges. A portal effect is acquired for 36 completed challenges. These rewards are exclusive to this league. Decorations for your hideout are obtained after you complete the 19th challenge. You get more decorations each time you complete three more challenges.


Ultimatum Brings More League Changes


The expansion has a series of updates for the league feature. The rewards system has been revised. Some of the rewards are now league-specific. Those that can be obtained from other sources are now much harder to acquire from non-league activities. Stygian Vises and Delirium Orbs are two examples of such rewards. The changes also refer to abyss and blight. The abyss scarabs are now obtained from multiple activities. New abyss jewel modifiers have been added. Blight maps can be corrupted in a way similar to normal maps. The oil modifiers for maps have received updates too. Ten new beast crafting recipes are now available. Heist rogues can now be leveled faster.

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