POE A Ranger of the Land Player Tips

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In POE, there are certainly no restrictions when it comes to playing the game however you want.


It all falls down to personal playing style and item build orders at the end of the day.


Still, if you find yourself preferring to stay out of harm’s way constantly in the game, then the Ranger class should be the best starting class for you to opt for.


Using a Bow and Arrows to smite enemies into oblivion while also capable of double-wielding Daggers and Swords too, the Ranger does enjoy some boons which are not available for any other classes, but you will need to adhere to their specific class weaknesses as well.


Here are a few tips which can tremendously help you out early on as a Ranger:


1. Decide on your Weapons Right at the Start


· Rangers are capable of wielding a variety of different weapons ranging from Bows to Thrusting Swords too, and this is also true when considering the three specialization classes as well (Deadeye, Ranger, Pathfinder).


· Your choice of weaponry will decide on how you wish to build your gear orders and skill gems too, which is crucial as you grow deeper into the game.


· Pick a Bow if you wish to use ranged attacks, or choose Daggers for close-up engagements to deal lightning-fast hits.


2. Don’t falter from Dexterity


· Rangers are primarily focused on Dexterity for both their survivability and offensive capabilities, so do not stray too far from that.


· There is always room for experimentation builds, but Dexterity remains the pivotal aspect of every Ranger play.


· Rangers do not wield heavy weapons, and also do not wear bulky armour and clothing too.


· Medium armour is what they are usually associated with, so Dexterity forms their basis of survival by increasing their evasion chances during fights.


· Their lack of powerful basic attacks also requires Dexterity to supplement them via Critical Hits, which makes them deadly once they hit their prime in-game levels later on.


3. Combat Micro is Important


· Although evasion builds may seem to be great in theory, they only seem to work occasionally throughout combat, unless you can get your evasion rating to occur 80% of the time (which is close to impossible, and jeopardizes your attacks instead).


· This is where Rangers require you to manually micro them around the map frequently, as you dodge debilitating effects and destructive spells by the enemy on the battlefield.


· Granted, Rangers are somewhat ‘weaker’ in terms of tanking damage, and that is why you will need to actively keep an eye out for their HP drops (depending on your preferred min-maxing build).


4. Focus on Damage


· Needless to say, Rangers usually trade their meagre HP pool for intense Damage-per-Second (DPS) attacks, so it is advisable for you to not change this formula too often.


· Build your item stacks and equipment passives around huge Crit Damage and Hits, while also boosting them with Damage-over-Time (DOT) ailments too, in order fully capitalize on the Ranger’s massive offensive potential.


5. Attack Fast!


· As you increase your Ranger’s Crit chances, it is also beneficial to improve your Attacking Speed as well in order to fully capitalize on the increased Crit capabilities.


· Unlike Marauders and Templars which favour more direct and powerful blows, Rangers finesse their attacks to damage vital parts of enemies, which plays the part very well when combining Crits and Attack Speeds together!


· Once you’ve created the perfect Ranger with blindingly fast attacks, you can sit back and relax while your opponents dwindle down their HP bars in the seconds.


Consider these tips the moment you boot up POE, and you just might make your Ranger adventures that much easier instead of having to constantly face death and despair in the world of Wraeclast.


Whatever your choices may be, Rangers are definitely an enjoyable option to play as IF you know what you are doing in the game.

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