POE Patch 3153 Has Arrived

created time2021-09-03 00:00:00

Visit POE Fun for the best POE currency prices and massive discounts! The game received an update in the form of Patch 3.15.3. It includes several issue fixes and improvements. If you ever need POE currency, POE Fun is just one click away. Let's check out Patch 3.15.3 notes.


Fixes and Updates in POE Patch 3.15.3


Two Heist Rogues issues were fixed. One issue prevented them from receiving the effect from the job speed modifier. The other made them be stuck in the doors. We also have a fix for an issue related to the chaos orb items. Orbs of Transmutation will now correctly drop depending on the Heist Trinket. The patch also takes care of an instance and two client crashes. The Ailments that don't do damage will not show the incorrect value on the players. The audio issue that triggered after players defeated Tetherein was also fixed. The beams that are in the second part of the purifier’s arena encounter are now working as intended. The modifiers that make the breach splinters turn into breach stones is now working as it should when players defeat breach bosses. The modifiers that allow players to get legion emblems instead of splinters are now giving the correct number of emblems. The enemy fire resistance is now correctly punctured by the damage of the divergent molten shell. The passive skill points button will not go away anymore when players are in an area where they have died before. Players can now assert the haggle with Tujen even if they have clicked in the search bar from the vendor window. When players look at the map device with the Zana modifiers they will see the correct quantity of items. POE Patch 3.15.3 comes with some improvements. Players now have the possibility to prevent the items that are lying on the ground to not be shown if they are not activated in the item filter. The Blight chests description is a better reflection of its usability. The tool tip for the Blight scarabs now shows a single encounter of this type in the area. The description of several items was also updated. Olroth will continue using skills even if a minion taunts it in the first part of the encounter. Players can now use the weapon cosmetics from the supporter packs for their off-hand items. The areas from Expedition log books will not show the terrain on which players cannot walk.

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