POE: A Brief Look into the Sequel

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An easy cult classic amongst many ARPG fans today, the free-to-play game, Path of Exile (POE) has been warmly welcomed and promoted throughout the huge video game world around the globe.


 After receiving plenty of success on both PC and consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), it is almost duty-bound that a close sequel would surely follow in on its footsteps – and expand on the rich lore and history – of the highly beloved game title.


With no concrete release date yet to be announced, it is anyone’s guess as to when you will be able to finally lift your axe, bow or even long sword (among other weapons of choice) again in the upcoming conflicts awaiting you in the world of Wraeclast.


Still, here are some very interesting features, mechanics and gameplay changes that have been confirmed up until today:


1) Character migration


· If you have been playing POE up until now, chances are you must have already made more than one character in the game, to test out the different classes and builds available.

· In POE 2, you are allowed to transfer those characters from POE, ensuring that you do not lose track of all your previous game exploits as well as continuing your own legacy made from the previous game, moving into the new one.


· All cosmetic purchases and item buys will carry over exactly as they should, so rejoice!


2) Skill Gem tweaks


· Unlike in POE, the new game will feature a reworked Skill Gem system which will allow each item/ equipment to have their specific skill gem slots per item, and then the skill gems themselves will have their OWN Support Skill Gem slots (not taking any equipment slots anymore, which are reserved for Skill Gems) for you to add onto them to boost their overall effectiveness.


· So far, it has been revealed that each Skill Gem will have varying amounts of Support Skill Gem slots for you to put into (between 3 to 5 slots), each already linked together without the need for linking skill gems anymore.


3) Playable Classes and Ascendancy options


· In POE 2, you will be able to choose from more starting classes to explore new playstyles and unique combat styles, although the latest class additions have yet to be revealed.


· At the moment, it has also been found that around nineteen (19) more Ascendancy classes have been planned for the game, noting that there might be more than six (6) new vocation types coming your way.


4) More weapons to master


· With the latest POE 2 trailer released recently, it was shown that two new weapons have been added into the game – a mid-range spear capable of dishing out damage at a safer distance, and a crossbow which allows you to utilize various bolts of differing effects and ailments.


· You can expect more weapon types to come, as we reach closer to the game’s eventual release date (yet to be announced).


5) Potential graphical upgrades


· Since POE was released as far back as 2013, the game’s graphical fidelity is still to be appreciated even though the game engine may have become dated after a few years.


· In POE 2, you can expect the same game engine to be utilized for gamers of all gaming setups to still be able to enjoy the game without need of more expensive hardware upgrades in the process.


· Still, it has been shared that the game does have the opportunity to implement added graphical features to make it on par with today’s current graphics technology, with the possibility of Ray Tracing and Deep-Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) becoming two major improvements to the game (if you possess top-of-the-line gaming specs).


Are you excited about the upcoming release of POE 2, possibly slated this year?


If you are itching for a reason to come back to slaughtering monsters in the world of Wraeclast, why not jump back in and enjoy some awesome Ultimatum content in the meantime!

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