POE: A Witch’s Tale

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In POE, the Witch is amongst the most powerful elemental Damage-per-Second (DPS) dealers in the game, besides being a tough nut to crack if specced out correctly.


For most beginners of the game, opting for the Witch class as your preferred main is sometimes easier said than done, as complex intertwining passive skill lines and a huge array of spell choices can easily overwhelm you.


Here are some general tips and advices for you to follow, if you are just starting out with the omnipotent character profession:


1. Focus on ONE (1) ‘type’ of the Witch’s offensive setups


· As a Witch in POE, it is best to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades spellcaster which tends to limit the effectiveness of your overall damage-dealing skills (by spreading your passive skills into branching specialties).


· Target a specific build first, with which you can generally refer as below:


o Fire Damage Dealer

§ Maximizing the damage counters of your Fire attacks will effectively allow you to dish out insane amounts of raw elemental damage while also producing devastating Damage-Over-Time (DOT) debuffs to enemies.


o Lightning Caster

§ Also emphasizes skill points towards higher effective raw damage (shock/ electrical), focusing your build here will allow more stacks of ‘Shock’ debuffs to apply on enemies.


o Ice Master

§ An elemental manipulator of chill and frost, these primary skills focus more on applying status debuffs to your enemies, such as the debilitating ‘Chill’ or ‘Freeze’ effects.


o Overlord (Summoner/ Minions)

§ If you are simply looking to swarm your enemies with overpowering sheer numbers, dedicating your skill points towards improving minion stats as well as your conjuring skills should be the main priority here.


2. Be bold, be a ‘Tank’


· Granted that the Witch class is arguably the ‘squishiest’ character class available in the game, but by allocating sufficient points towards creating stronger and more robust Energy Shields, your character can become almost impervious to enemy attacks in POE.


· Further emphasizing the effectiveness of Energy Shields, they will recharge every 2 seconds or so, enabling you to move around and kill stuff more often instead of constantly spamming Health flasks.


3. Choose Intelligence-based Skill Gems more (obviously!)


· Arguably one of the most basic and common rule for you to abide with if opting for a magic-based character, choosing to apply Skill Gems which play around with your overall Mana pool and improves your magic attacks are undoubtedly crucial to your success in general.


· An important thing to note is that having less Skill Gems and more Support Gems to boost the overall power and effectiveness of your preferred core magic skills should definitely be in-line with the first tip on this list (one type of offensive Witch setup).


4. Prioritize Ascendancy Skills relevant to your primary choice of playstyle


· When you defeat the Lord’s Labyrinth in POE, ascending your character towards becoming an Occultist, Elementalist or Necromancer will unlock an additional Ascendancy Skill Tree for you to specialize with.


· Continue to allocate points into maximizing your character’s chosen playstyle (damage-dealing minions, powerful AOE ice attacks, etc.), and try to avoid spreading the points out towards other areas which you may not have been focusing on prior to Ascendancy.


5. Diversify your magic spell options – but only slightly!


· Although you are constantly reminded to not branch out your skills to other aspects which are not associated with your actual build or playstyle, it is also beneficial to have one to three (1 to 3) other skills which could potentially supplement weaknesses in your current setup.


· For example, having a Lightning-type DPS attack could help throw off some elemental enemies which are substantially resistant to Fire damage.


6. The best Support role


· In most end-game raids and parties, a Witch is essentially an important member to have for any challenges which are thrown at your group.


· By having a large pool of Mana to use as well as diverse aura effects and debuff stacks to apply to enemies and Bosses, the Witch plays the integral Support role for a majority of team plays to help realise the full extent of a group’s potential survivability, resistances, and total damage output.


After reviewing some of these early-game tips to help you propel your journey as an all-feared Witch in POE, it is also important to remember that time, patience and persistency are necessary too for you to develop properly in the unforgiving and cruel landscape of the world of Wraeclast

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