Path Of Exile - How The Five Types Of Damage Affect You

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What You Need to Know About Path of Exile Damage Types

We have five types of damage: physical, fire, cold, lighting, and chaos. When a player or mob receives damage, it depletes its HP and/or energy source. Damage comes from four sources: weapon attacks, spells, damage over time, and secondary sources that are not any of those three. For example, explosion damage is considered secondary damage. Now, let's focus on the five types of damage. Physical damage is dealt with weapons, but there are also a few spells that do physical damage. This is the only type of damage that is mitigated by armor and not by resistances. Strength is the attribute that affects physical damage. For every 10 points in strength, you get 2% extra damage from close-quarters attacks. Fire damage mostly comes from attacks and spells. When a fire damage source lands a critical strike, it puts the burning effect on the target. This is damage over time from fire. You can use fire resistance to take less fire damage. Cold damage can apply chill and freeze on the target. The chill debuff reduces the target's movement speed. Freeze happens when the target gets a critical strike from cold damage. The freeze debuff makes the target incapable of moving and using skills, including attacks. Lighting damage places the shock debuff when it critically strikes. Shocked targets receive more damage from all sources. Lighting deals 10% to 190% of the average damage, compared to the other types that deal 80% to 120%. Fire, cold, and lighting are elemental damage. Chaos damage ignores the energy shield and decreases HP or mana directly. Immunity to chaos damage can be gained with Chaos Inoculation passive. The poison debuff applies chaos damage over time, but it doesn't have anything to do with critical strikes from chaos damage. Resistances decrease how much damage one takes. The default value is capped at 75%, but it can be increased with passives and items.

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