Path of Exile What is New In Patch 3153b

created time2021-09-17 00:00:00

Path of Exile Patch 3.15.3b takes care of several bugs that caused items to have improper behavior and issues that stopped NPCs from functioning correctly.


POEFun is the best website to buy POE currency at the most reasonable prices! Path of Exile Patch 3.15.3b is here. It's not a major patch. It has a few improvements. This patch is mostly about bug fixes. Players will find that some of the items work better after the patch. If you are looking for POE currency PS4, all you need to do is to visit POE Fun. Let's check out some of the issues that will not trouble players anymore after the patch.

Bug Fixes and Improvements in Path of Exile Patch 3.15.3b


If you are curious about the POE currency price, head to POE Fun and check out the deals! The bug that allowed the flask enchantment to use a flask more times was fixed. This used to happen when the effect of the flask wore off. In some cases, armor could give physical damage reduction even if players had the transcendence keystone. Players didn't get any more missions from Zana if the portals from the last mission were not opened. Players can now get more missions. The associated beast recipes will be available if the players add a beast item to their bestiaries. Catarina stopped doing any actions because of a bug that made her stuck. An issue caused the portals from the Syndicate safe house to open around the users on maps instead of Jun. 

The patch takes care of this issue. Players can now use the filter search tool for the map stash tab with search words in quotes. The modifier value intervals from the Forbidden Taste and Doedre Flask are not displayed when necessary. Kaom's Heart art had less glow due to a bug. An audio bug prevented the sound effect from Oba's Cursed Trove from playing. The patch also makes the game more stable. The patch notes contain only two improvements. The graphic effect of the Last to Fall storm ability was made better. The outer ring looks clearer now. Players will get a better idea of what the Twice Tempted Atlas passive does thanks to the updated description. If you're looking to enhance your Path of Exile experience, you might want to check out the newest items. Ethercraft pets are available. They match the Ethercraft armors. These turtle pets are available in several colors. A new weapon skin, Balefire, is in the store as well. The Oblivion character effect makes Path of Exile avatars look cool.


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