Path of Exile Are You Taking Part In Havoc Blitz 2

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Path of Exile Havoc Blitz 2 has started. This is a game event organized by community member Havoc616. He is a well-known player and streamer. This is the second edition of the event. The first one was a success and the second one will surely match the expectations. POE Havoc Blitz 2 is a Private Ultimatum League in which players compete to accumulate points. Participants get prizes based on how many points they've obtained. The prize pool includes cash and cosmetic items.


What You Need to Know About Path of Exile Havoc Blitz 2

The event is similar to the first Havoc Blitz with a few exceptions. The qualification process has been removed. All you need to do is to access the Private League invitation link and you're in. We have a new class ladder. Cosmetic rewards now join the general rank prize pool. Players can earn XP points from boss races. This provides players with an opportunity to progress on the ladder. It will benefit those who didn't complete the objective, cannot stream, or have died. POE Havoc Blitz 2 will have more meme races. The event starts on July 10th and lasts for two days. The detailed daily schedule can be found on the official game website. The total cash prize pool is $2000. The winner gets a quarter. The runner-up gets $450. The third place gets a fifth of the total prize pool. The fourth place gets $350 and the fifth place gets $300. The cosmetic prizes include Stygian Hoods and Apollyon mystery boxes. The event also has a raffle. Participants get raffle points as they complete races. During the event, fans can get Apollyon boxes thanks to several giveaways. Participants get points from XP and boss kill races. For XP races, the points are gained based on the final experience. In boss kill races, points are awarded based on the objective completion time. Streaming is necessary for boss kill races but it isn't for XP races as the info can be pulled from the ladder. There are two ladders: overall and class. The overall ladder ranks players by points. The top five players get a cash prize. The class ladder ranks players for their class based on points. The first five players for each class get cosmetics as a prize. The complete list of rules can be accessed from the event announcement on the official game website. Path of Exile Havoc Blitz 2 comes in time to fill the gap until the new expansion is revealed.

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