Path of Exile New Expedition Skill And Support Gems

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Path of Exile Expedition has launched. It's a new expansion that features a Kalguur-themed challenge league. Players will become explorers whose mission is to unearth valuable Kalguuran artifacts. The items are then traded, bartered, gambled, or exchanged at NPCs. Path of Exile Expedition also has new skill and support gems. The POE currency price differs based on the type of items.


New Skill and Support Gems Available in POE Expedition


The expansion gives players three new strength skill gems. Rage Vortex is one of them. It works when using a sword or ax. This gem deals AOE damage based on the player's attack speed. The Shield Crush skill gem deals AOE damage with the shield. It does three waves of damage. The Boneshatter gem works with a staff, mace, ax, or scepter. The gem does massive melee damage but the user takes damage as well. The damage increases with successive strikes. It also does a damaging pulse to stunned enemies. Players will need all the help they can get, especially if they want to find valuable items such as exalted orbs. New strength and intelligence gems are also available. We have the Battlemage's Cry that taunts nearby enemies to focus the user. This gem also applies a buff that increases the critical strike chance and infuses the attacks with spell damage. Absolution is the other strength and intelligence skill gem. It does AOE damage and puts a debuff on the enemies. If one of the debuffed enemies happens to be non-unique and dies while the debuff is active, its corpse can be used to spawn a sentinel or extend the HP of an already summoned sentinel. Players need POE currency to get the new gems. The expansion features two new dexterity skill gems. The Storm Rain does AOE damage at a targeted location. The Explosive Concoction skill gem does AOE damage too. You can boost its effect with charges from the topaz, ruby, and sapphire flasks. This gem can be used if you don't have anything equipped in your main hand. The new strength and dexterity skill gem is called Defiance Banner. It gives an armor boost and evasion to nearby party members. It also reduces the critical strike of the opponents. The strength support gem Behead boosts the damage of strike skills. If you want to boost your slam skills, you should use the Earthbreaker support gem. If you are a PlayStation4 user you can quickly obtain POE currency PS4 from us!


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