Path of Exile Patch 3.15 what will it bring to the game

created time2021-07-08 00:00:00

Path of Exile’s development team has revealed a teaser video giving some information about the 3.15 expansion of the game. According to that 18 seconds there will an official announcement via stream on the game’s Twitch channel. That livestream will take place at 1PM PDT on July 15. The release date of the expansion has also been revealed; it will be available on July 23 on PC and July 28 on consoles.

Ahead of the release of expansion 3.15, Grinding Gear Games has decided to release a preparation patch. This update will be named patch 3.14.3 and will be available by the end of this week. Patch 3.14.3 will feature some engine improvements as well as new performance metrics graphs. The patch notes for that update are already available and give a glimpse of the changes coming to the game.

First, the old Performance Metrics graphs have been replaced with new ones that will display more information. These new graphs will give you a better overview of your system performance relative to elements such as CPU, GPU, System Memory, VRAM, Drive, Shader Compilation, Latency and the Instance Server. Players are encouraged to use these new Performance Metrics Graphs when they experience performance issues.

The F1 button will still be used to cycle through the three Performance Metrics states available (hidden, FPS/performance, latency-only). The patch will also add a gameplay tab to the option menu and make the options clearer. Players will no longer have the possibility to clear the cache from the menu as it causes performance issues. That option will now be available in the advanced menu. It is important to note that the 32-bit version of the game will no longer be supported. Additionally, players using Vulkan with less than 2600MB of VRAM will no longer be able to select the High texture quality option. Patch 3.14.3 will also fix some crashes and make improvements to the game.

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