Path of Exile What You Need To Know About The Kalguurans

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Path of Exile: Expedition introduces the Kalguuran culture represented by four merchants that are interested in the items found by players through excavations.


The Kalguurans are a new faction introduced in the Path of Exile: Expedition expansion. They are adventurers that come from another land. Their goal is to uncover treasures but they cannot do this without the help of the players. When creating this new group, the developers wanted to make something never seen before in the POE lore.


Path of Exile Kalguuran Culture and Lore


Four NPCs represent the Kalguuran faction. They are four merchants. Each one is unique. Players will interact with a haggler, a dealer, a gambler, and a special merchant. When it comes to their function in the Expedition lore, these merchants are more than simple vendors. They also deal with unearthing treasures through explosions. At this point, you might think that they just want to get rich but there is more to the story than that. Through these excavations, a special currency is obtained. We are not talking about the chaos orb that you can get from the most common game activities. The Kalguuran currencies are actually relics that are important to these four NPCs. As you can see, your job in this expansion is more than just killing mobs. Players take on archaeology responsibilities. They find treasures and also items of cultural importance such as ancient writings that reveal more about the Kalguuran history. The developers draw inspiration from Norse mythology when creating these new characters. The Nordic theme can be seen in their appearance as well. The ancient texts found by players contain various stories such as deeds of war, economic happenings, ancestry, and more. The Kalguurans come from a different land and they have several traits to reflect their origin. They cannot use virtue gems. This also means that they wear different equipment, one that has no sockets. Their gear has something never seen before. Ward is a new type of defense that is present on Kalguuran equipment but also on mobs. Runes are another particularity of this culture. Blacksmiths and artificers work with the runes. The Kalguuran religion doesn't have gods but it has priests. If you are interested in Kalguuran architecture, one of the best places to see is the Olroth arena. The areas around expedition sites are another example. There are many clues in the Kalguurans' behavior and the objects surrounding them about their past and why they've left their home world.


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