Path of Exile deploys improvements and bugs fixes in the new update

created time2021-03-17 00:00:00

This update is 3.13.1e and although it modifies many things, it does not touch the currency at all. Therefore, remember that you can buy POE Currency at poefun online with real money to get accessories and objects that help you improve within the game.

Here are the patch notes for this latest update:

General Improvements

· Sirus, Awakener of Worlds and The Shaper can no longer appear in The Sacred Grove, Temporal Incursions, Syndicate Laboratories and Conqueror arenas.

· Added a Void Ground Hideout Decoration. This can be purchased from Zana at Decoration Level 2, for 330 Favour.

· Added an Expand/Collapse All button to the Hideout Decorations tab.

· Guild microtransactions can now be added to your Watchlist.

· The Additional Modifiers sidebar on the Map Device has been visually updated to make it easier to see how many Sextant uses remain.

· Clarified that Hexes applied as Auras with Blasphemy Support do not gain Doom.

· Clarified that players must be Petrified by The Gorgon in Sulphur Vents Map for the Complete Encounters III challenge.

· Fixed a bug where certain map bosses could sometimes fail to transition to their next phase if they were frozen.

· Fixed a bug where the Maven: Uncharted Realms quest could be shown earlier than intended.

· Fixed a bug where certain monsters could be immune to damage during Ritual encounters.

· Fixed a bug where certain monsters could re-emerge after being revived during a Ritual encounter.

· Fixed a bug where the portal to the Map could disappear while inside The Sacred Grove in certain maps.

· Fixed a bug where Talismans could drop without an anointment in the Distant Memories unique maps.

· Fixed a bug where the "Strongbox Monsters have 600% increased Item Quantity" Elevated Sextant modifier was only applying 500% increased Item Quantity.

· Fixed a bug where the "Trigger level x Warlord's Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy" modifier was granting less Rage than intended.

· Fixed a bug with Righteous Fire where swapping socketed Support gems during the grace period could cause the skill to deal no damage.

· Fixed a bug where Hydrospheres couldn't be Shocked or Frozen when using Elemental Hit as a Ranged skill.

· Fixed a bug with Orb skills where damage would be reflected to the player if these skills were supported with Traps or Mines.

· Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on the Anomalous Mana Leech Support gem wasn't working correctly.

· Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on the Divergent Decoy Totem skill was incorrectly regenerating 20% of life per minute instead of per second.

· Fixed a bug where Desecrate could fail to summon corpses against certain bosses when triggered by Arcanist Brand.

· Fixed a bug where the Demonic Herald Effect microtransaction could cause Sentinels summoned by Herald of Purity to not use their Crusade Slam skill.

· Fixed a bug where the Do Not Disturb mode wouldn't display announcements such as the Realm restarting.

· Fixed a bug in the Silo map where items could drop in an inaccessible area.

Mac Improvements

· Fixed a bug where you couldn't rotate while using Channelling skills if the skill was assigned to the right or middle mouse button.

· Fixed a bug where Hideouts couldn't be imported or exported.

· Fixed a bug where the client window buttons would no longer function after attempting to import or export a Hideout.

· Fixed a client crash that could occur when resizing the client window.

PvP Improvements

· Scorching Ray now has an attack time override of 3 seconds.

· Fixed a bug where premade Templar characters wouldn't be able to equip the Firestorm gem.

· Fixed a bug where premade Duelist characters wouldn't have a fully allocated Passive Tree.

· Fixed a bug where the Duelist's premade character build was incorrectly named "Whirling Blade" (now Double Strike).

Crash Fixes

· Fixed a client crash that could occur during Legion encounters.

· Fixed two instance crashes.

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