Path of Exile: Are You Using Cluster Jewels Efficiently

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Path of Exile is an online RPG that lets players build their characters in a variety of ways. Many features unlock customization and upgrade options. Cluster jewels are one of these features. They are special jewels that can only be used in the outermost slots of the passive skill tree. They have this name because they expand the tree with new node clusters. The new nodes can be basic, other jewel slots, keystones, and various skills.


What You Need to Know About Path of Exile Cluster Jewels


Cluster jewels are obtained as drops from Delirium. You can craft these jewels to change their properties. You can obtain up to four affixes for a rare cluster jewel. Path of Exile has unique clusters such as The Interrogation and Siege. We also have cluster jewels that are not unique. They have two types of enchantments. One enchantment refers to the number of passive skills from that cluster. The other enchantment is about the bonuses from the passives and what types of mods work with that cluster jewel. A maximum of four mods works with these jewels. The mods can add or change bonuses. They can also add skills or slots for jewels. Medium and large jewels have three enchantments. The third one specifies the number of jewel sockets. You can put abyss or smaller jewels in a cluster. You cannot put a cluster jewel bigger than the slot. For example, only small clusters work in a medium cluster. Two large slots and one medium are available. If you want to get the passive points for a cluster passive back, all you need to do is to remove the jewel from the socket. You will get all the points back. One refund point is needed for a keystone passive. Only one notable passive is associated with a jewel. You can also get the same notable effects multiple times. Players can sell their jewels to obtain others. You will get a jewel of the same size and rarity for five jewels of the same type. The item level of the acquired jewel is the minimum of the five component items. It also has enchantments and mods. A small cluster jewel has two or three passives, one notable passive, and no sockets. Medium ones come with a socket, four to six passive, and two notables. The large jewels have two slots, 8 to 12 passives, two prefix notables, and one suffix notable.

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