Path of Exile: Patch 3.14.1C Is Coming

created time2021-05-12 00:00:00

Path of Exile Patch 3.14.1C is the latest game update. It comes with many bug fixes and improvements. The patch doesn't add new content, instead, it focuses on taking care of issues. The patch features general and microtransaction bug fixes. We also have one improvement that will benefit those playing on Mac computers. The size of the cursor was increased for the Mac OS X version of the game.


POE Patch 3.14.1C Includes General and Microtransaction Improvements


The description of the Harvest craft was updated to be more accurate. The passive skill of the Bastion of Elements from the Elementalist will now correctly reapply Primal Aegis after players die. Everlasting Sacrifice from the Machination skill will now trigger after the energy shield reaches full. The Arcanist Brand will now support the Icestorm skill that is generated by the Whispering Ice. Players and their allies will now get healing from the Gluttony of Elements that comes from Blood of Corruption. One of the Defeat the Trialmaster tasks didn't mark as complete after all requirements were met. This was fixed as well. The Additional Sample Rewards nodes will now give the correct number of items. The Unique Map will now take into consideration all the divination cards. Tormented Spirits will not possess Alva and the Conquerors anymore. The items in the stash will not be correctly filtered. The minions' HP bars are not misaligned anymore. The Delirium mist will now cover the water areas. Path of Exile Patch 3.14.1C also contains microtransaction fixes.


The Bleached Skull helmet will not trigger the glowing eyes effect anymore. The Steam-powered weapons will now have the correct weapon effect. The trail triggered by the Innocence effect will not be seen anymore. The Petrified Blood is now working as it should. As we all know, Path of Exile microtransactions are purely cosmetic. They don't affect the game in any way. There are many items that come from microtransactions and players purchase them to give their characters unique looks and, ultimately, to support the game development. Path of Exile just had a major content update with the Ultimatum league. This expansion comes with a feature that allows players to risk their reward after completing an activity. If they manage to complete the next challenge, the reward is better. However, if they fail the task they lose everything. There's also a new group option that allows member to vote whether to continue or take the current reward. Meanwhile, you can enjoy best POE currency at poefun.


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