Path of Exile: What Is The Ascendancy System

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Trials of Ascendancy came with Path of Exile: Ascendancy. This is the fourth expansion. The features include trials, Ascendancy classes, a random dungeon, and enchantments. Other additions include items, gems, and flasks. Trials of Ascendancy are perhaps one of the most important game features. This is how players unlock Ascendancy classes.


What You Need to Know About POE Trials of Ascendancy


There are six types of Path of Exile Trials of Ascendancy. The lore behind them features Emperor Izaro. He is the one who designed these challenges. He then scattered them all over Wraeclast. Adventurers seek these trials in order to prove themselves. Trials are some sort of puzzle traps. Each trial features a unique mechanic. The Trial of Piercing Truth challenges players to deal with spikes. These are triggered by various events and characteristics such as the weight of the adventurer. The Trial of Lingering Pain tests adventurers' skill at avoiding enemies. Players must figure out the sentries' route and stay as far away from them as possible. These sentries do proximity damage. The Trial of Crippling Grief is all about avoiding saw blades. These move in a straight line. Players can also turn them off if they find the disabling mechanism. The Trial of Swirling Feat comprises spinning blades. Players need to avoid their tracks. The blades can be rerouted. The Trials of Burning Rage have fire traps on the floor. Players have only a few moments to walk over them before taking massive damage. The Trials of Stinging Doubt include projectiles that apply a slow debuff in addition to doing damage. Completing the Trials of Ascendancy unlocks the next challenge. The Labyrinth features all the above traps. This is a randomly generated dungeon every day so players will need to adjust their strategy each time they enter it. The Labyrinth has its own leaderboards where the best and quickest puzzle-solvers get ranked. So what is the point of conquering Path of Exile Trials of Ascendancy and the Labyrinth? Besides a ton of fun, of course, this is how players unlock Ascendancy classes. There are 19 of these classes. Each main class has three Ascendancy options, except the Scion that has only one. Players can choose one of the three after they finish the Labyrinth for the first time. Two points that can be spent on skills are acquired as well. Trials and the Labyrinth can be completed on various difficulty levels.

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