Path of Exile: What You Need To Know About Blight

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Path of Exile has a special type of encounter called Blights. These scenarios have tower-defense mechanics. These blights are generated by fungal growths. Players can find a growth on any map. The default find chance is 8%. Certain atlas passive skills enhance this chance. Blighted maps are maps modified to offer a more challenging blight encounter. Blights encounters are part of the Blight league features.


How Do Path of Exile Blight Events Work


The NPC Sister Cassia is always found near the fungal growth. As soon as players interact with growth, Cassia will begin a cleansing ritual by placing a pump. The growth will grow roots in a random direction. A maximum of eight roots can grow. The number of roots is based on the level of the zone. Not all roots spawn at the same time. Some might appear later in the encounter. Each root has a portal through which enemies make their way towards the core. They stop if they encounter units to attack. Some roots might spawn more monsters than normal. You will see a multiplier that indicates whether the root spawns more enemies. Players also need to pay attention to the tower icon that may appear next to a root. It means that the monsters from that root are resistant to that tower. The goal of the players is to prevent enemies from reaching the core. The pump at the core has 10 durability. It loses durability for each monster that gets to the core. Normal monsters make it lose 1 durability. It loses 2 for magic monsters. Rare monsters take 5 durability from the pump. Unique monsters destroy 10 durability. A POE Blight event fails if the pump is destroyed. Players prevent enemies from reaching the core by using towers. These are placed at certain points along the path to the core. Each tower has a cost. They can also be upgraded. The resources needed to build and upgrade towers are obtained at the start of the event. They also drop from enemies spawned by the roots. There are multiple times of towers: damage, slow, minion, and so on. If players successfully stop the enemies from reaching the core and all the portals are closed, they get rewards. The chests will appear in place of the portal. The chests always contain an oil and a blighted map. They may also have armors, weapons, currency, harbinger's orbs, jewelry, stacked decks, fossils, abyss jewels, and more.

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