PoE Ascendant, the Ultimate Form Path of the Duelist

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With the Ascendant being the most flexible Ascendancy class available in PoE to date, one of its most glorious Paths is undoubtedly the potency of the Path of the Duelist!




While the Ascendant may be able to learn almost every single Passive Skill of other basic classes in the game, your choice determines the effectiveness of your character at the end of the day.


Overzealously combining too many skills from different classes may surprisingly be detrimental to your character’s growth especially in the end-game.


That’s why Path of the Duelist remains one of the best picks amongst the Ascendant’s Path choices!


With Path of the Duelist, you will enjoy massive benefits to decimate Enemies such as:






· Strength and Dexterity

o +20 to Strength and Dexterity




· Passive Point

o Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Duelist Ascendancy (choose one):


o Champion

§ Melee Hits have 50% Chance to Fortify

§ Enemies Taunted by you take 10% Increased Damage

§ 100% Chance to Taunt on Hit

§ 15% Increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills

§ Your Hits permanently Intimidate Enemies who are on Full Life


o Gladiator

§ +5% Maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage

§ +10% Chance to Block Attack Damage

§ 25% Chance to Blind Enemies on Hit

§ 20% Physical Damage-over-Time (DoT)

§ Hits ignore Enemy Physical Damage Resistance if you’ve Blocked in the past 20 seconds


o Slayer

§ Culling Strike

§ Life Leech effects are Not Removed when Unreserved Life is Full

§ 30% Increased Area-of-Effect (AoE) if you’ve killed in the past 4 seconds

§ Cannot take Reflected Physical Damage




· Passive Point

o Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Path of the Duelist

o Can allocate Passive Skill Points starting from the starting location of the Duelist’s Passive Skill Tree

o Gains 2 Passive Skill Points


With strong damage-boosting effects for your Exile to savour, the Path of the Duelist is certainly a worthy Ascendant Path that you should consider seriously of opting to create a powerful character capable of beating all end-game challenges.


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