PoE Ascendant the Ultimate Form Path of the Ranger

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With so many choices to make for the Ascendant character class, consider the Path of the Ranger if you wish to diversify your playing styles accordingly!


The Ascendant’s claim of being the strongest Ascendancy class sure has is merits, especially when you can opt for a creative character build consisting of other Ascendancy skills originating from other classes too.


One notable Path that you can choose as an Ascendant is the Path of the Ranger which offers a multitude of beneficial boons for your powerful Exile.


Here is what can be found along the Path of the Ranger skill tree:




· Dexterity

o +40 to Dexterity



· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Skill Point




· Ranger Ascendancy (choose one):

o Pathfinder

§ 10% Increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect

§ 10% Increased Attack Speed during any Flask Effect

§ Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds

§ 15% Chance for Flasks used to Not Consume Charges

§ Recover 4% Life after consuming a Flask


o Deadeye

§ 25% Increased Effect of your Marks

§ Projectile Damage increases as your shots travel further, dealing up to 50% extra Damage

§ Skills fire an Additional Projectile

§ You and nearby Allies have Tailwind


o Raider

§ 10% Increased Movement Speed

§ 10% Chance to Avoid Hits

§ You have Onslaught while you have full Frenzy Charges

§ 10% Chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when you hit a Rare or Unique Enemy

§ Phasing




· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Skill Point




· Grants 2 Passive Skill Points

· Can allocate Passives beginning from the Ranger’s starting point on the Skill Tree


The Path of the Ranger offers massive advantages in terms of Movement Speed and other character traits that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on.


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