PoE Ascendant the Ultimate Form Path of the Witch Skills

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After every class has been explored, the final Ascendancy class that is yet to be conquered is the Ascendant itself which stems from the basic Scion class.


Any other basic or Ascendancy class in PoE is quite straightforward and specialized for you to make decisions in order to become more powerful.


That is harder to be said for the Ascendant class itself, which started from the Scion class that is only unlocked after you’ve completed Act 3 of the game.


Boasting freedom to choose whatever builds and passive skill trees that you would like, the Ascendant class is the perfect example of a jack of all trades, master of none.


This is also why Ascendants are only reserved for the best players to use; those that are able to have a personalized build right from the get-go after already knowing what all other class skills have to offer (for you to mix and match, or focus on a few separately).


The Ascendancy Skill Tree is also unique and different from all other Ascendancy classes, with the Ascendant having access to ‘Paths’ encompassing all other Ascendancy classes rather than its own skills.


Here’s a look at the first Path available in the Ascendant’s Ascendancy Skill Tree – the Path of the Witch:






· +40 Intelligence




· Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Witch Ascendancy (choose one):


o Necromancer

§ Your Offering Skills also affect you

§ Your Offerings have 50% Reduced Effect on you

§ Minions deal 30% Increased Damage

§ Auras from Skills grant 2% Increased Attack and Cast Speed t to both you and Allies

§ You and Allies have 30% Increased Area-of-Effect (AoE) if you’ve consumed a Corpse in the past 4 seconds


o Occultist

§ You can apply an Additional Curse

§ 10% Increased Effect of Curses

§ Regenerate 1.5% Energy Shield per Second

§ Cannot be Stunned while you have Energy Shield


o Elementalist

§ Shocks from your Attack Hits always Increase Damage Taken for Enemies by at least 10%

§ Cannot take Reflected Elemental Damage

§ Exposure that you inflict applies an extra -20% to the respective Elemental Resistance

§ +1 to Maximum Number of Summoned Golems




· Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Path of the Witch

o Can allocate Passive Skills from the Witch’s starting point on the Skill Tree

o Gains 2 Passive Skill Points


Each Path is not extensive, which can already be seen here too.


But in compensation, you are able to select other Ascendancy Paths as well, making you a powerful combatant who is capable of wielding different abilities at once, for those who actually know how to build a great Ascendant!


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