PoE Ascendant the Ultimate Form Path of the Marauder

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With the Ascendant capable of choosing its own Path to specialize in, Path of the Marauder is undoubtedly the most destructive one of all!




The Ascendant is surely one of the best Ascendancy classes to pick for your Exile, beginning from the Scion during the early game.


Still, amongst all of the Ascendant’s Paths, one seems to possess the most potential when it comes to destroying hordes of enemies in Wraeclast – Path of the Marauder!


Path of the Marauder offers insane offensive capabilities that you might just regret missing out on during the end-game.


Here’s a look at the Path of the Marauder skills:






· Strength

o +40 to Strength




· Passive Point

o Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Marauder Ascendancy (choose one):


o Juggernaut

§ +1000 Accuracy Rating

§ Cannot be Chilled

§ Cannot be Stunned

§ 5% Increased Damage per Endurance Charge

§ Gain 1 Endurance Charge every Second if you’ve been hit in the past 4 seconds


o Berserker

§ 5% Increased Damage Taken

§ 15% More Damage

§ Gain 1 Rage on Hit, once every 0.3 seconds

§ 2% Attack Damage is Leeched as Life and Mana if you’ve killed in the past 4 seconds

§ Cannot be Stunned while you have at least 25 Rage


o Chieftain

§ 40% Increased Fire Damage

§ Regenerate 2% Life every Second

§ 1% Totem Damage is Leeched as Life

§ 20% Chance to cover Rare or Unique Enemies in Ash for 10 seconds on Hit

§ 10% Increased Strength




· Passive Point

o Gains 1 Passive Skill Point




· Path of the Marauder

o Can allocate Passive Skill Points from the starting point of the Marauder’s Skill Tree

o Gains 2 Passive Skill Points


With all these skills at your disposal, you can definitely mix and match most of them with other explosive potencies of other Paths under the Ascendant Skill Tree.


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