PoE Ascendant the Ultimate Form Path of the Shadow

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When it comes to the choices of Paths for an Ascendant, the Path of the Shadow certainly does come with its own merits for you to consider as well!




The destructive prowess of the Ascendant is unquestionable considering that the special class is able to learn skills originating from other Ascendancy classes in the game.


One notable Path that the Ascendant has the privilege to exploit is the Path of the Shadow which offers a few choices related to the Shadow’s classes of Saboteur, Trickster and Assassin.


Here’s how the Path of the Shadow looks like in the game:




· Dexterity and Intelligence

o +20 to Dexterity and Intelligence




· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Skill Point




· Shadow Ascendancy (choose one):


o Saboteur

§ 30% Increased Area-of-Effect (AoE)

§ Damage penetrates 8% of Enemy Elemental Resistances

§ Regenerate 2% Life per Second for each Mine Detonated in the past 4 seconds, up to a maximum of 10% Life per Second

§ Regenerate 2% Life per Second for each Trap Triggered in the past 4 seconds, up to a maximum of 10% Life per Second

§ 25% Chance to Blind Enemies on hit


o Trickster

§ 20% Chance to gain a Frenzy Charge and Power Charge in a kill

§ 70% Increased Recovery Rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield if you’ve killed an Enemy affected by your Damage-over-Time (DoT) effects in the past 4 seconds

§ 20% Chance to gain 50% of Non-Chaos Damage with hits as extra Chaos Damage

§ Cannot be Stunned if you have not been hit in the past 4 seconds


o Assassin

§ +0.75% Critical Strike Chance

§ 10% Chance to gain a Power Charge after hitting a Critical Strike

§ 10% Chance to gain Elusive after hitting a Critical Strike

§ Damage from you Critical Strikes Cannot be Reflected




· Passive Point

o Gain 1 Passive Skill Point




· Path of the Shadow

o Gains 2 Passive Skill Points

o Can allocate Points starting from the Shadow’s beginning Ascendancy Skill Tree


The Path of Shadow provides great incentives of your Exile to utilize AoE and DoT attacks to full potential, while Critical Strike builds are also on the table here.


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