PoE Blood Crucible Explored

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As Scourge continues to storm into the new League season, the in-game Blood Crucible also comes with its own evolving skill tree which levels up as you continue to slay demonic entities of the parallel world.




Scourge League introduces a unique in-game experience where you are able to travel into an alternate dimension of Wraeclast which has been inhabited by horrific demonic beings – also called Scourge – hungry for your flesh.


With the new expansion comes the Blood Crucible too, a device which absorbs the blood of your enemies which will then be used to transport you into the realm of the Scourge (the parallel world) besides ‘corrupting’ your items or equipment to make it stronger and powerful.


One thing to note about the Blood Crucible is that it also ‘levels up’ too, rewarding you with different passive skills which makes everyone’s experiences distinct and varied from each other.


Furthermore, some of those skills also alter your chosen item which had been placed inside the crucible, enhancing it with increased modifiers and attributes depending on your choices.


Here’s a look at all the skill points that are available for you to choose from, for the Blood Crucible:


FIRST TIER (Minimum Points to unlock: 0)


· Chaotic Adornment (5 Maximum Points)

o Jewellery absorbs more Corruption


· Twisted Metal (5 Maximum Points)

o Armour absorbs more Corruption


· Murderous Desecration (5 Maximum Points)

o Weapons and quivers absorb more Corruption


SECOND TIER (Minimum Points to unlock: 10)


· Alternate History (1 Maximum Point)

o Transforms Unique equipment


· Trypophobia (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance to add more Sockets


· Stitched Wounds (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance to add Socket Links


THIRD TIER (Minimum Points to unlock: 20)


· Golden Blood (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance for explicit modifiers to be Rare or Magic items


· Anomalous Aura (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance for beneficial modifiers to be a tier higher


· Stabilizing Energy (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance for detrimental modifiers to be a tier lower


FOURTH TIER (Minimum Points to unlock: 30)


· Crushed Organs (1 Maximum Point)

o Adds an additional slot to the Blood Crucible


· Warped Sluice (5 Maximum Points)

o More Corruption is absorbed by items, each time the map is transformed


· Fervent Dreams (5 Maximum Points)

o Maps absorb more Corruption


FIFTH TIER (Minimum Points to unlock: 40)


· Restless Nightmare (1 Maximum Point)

o Additional Dream Furnace slot


· Strange Forces (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance to gain beneficial modifiers


· Intensifying Emulsion (5 Maximum Points)

o Chance to raise the tier of the explicit modifier


With a newfound understanding of the Blood Crucible, you can now go forth and unleash your bloodlust upon the denizens of the Scourge while boosting some of the skills above depending on your character’s general build and playing style!


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