PoE Body Armours for the Deadliest Combatants Strength Dexterity Part 1

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Hybrid character classes are considered one of the main allure of playing PoE, and classes like the Duelist depend heavily on Unique Body Armours that provide sufficient survivability stats while also boosting their offensive capabilities as well!




On paper, the Duelist is an enjoyable character class that combines the best of both Marauder (Strength) and Ranger (Dexterity) builds and skill setups.


While it may be true when it comes to picking the right offensive skill combinations and brutal weapon choices, it becomes tricky in terms of deciding which Body Armour to wear.


Luckily, certain Unique Body Armours are available within the game that complements the Duelist’s durability while also providing special abilities and effects as well.


Here’s a look at the Unique Body Armours that combines Strength and Dexterity attributes together:




· Gruthkul’s Pelt (Requirements: Level 38, Strength 57, Dexterity 57)

o Armour Rating: 252

o Evasion Rating:  252

o 100% Increased Global Physical Damage

o +200 to +240 Maximum Life

o +20% to +40% Cold Resistance

o Regenerate 5% Life per second

o 15% Increased Character Size

o Spell Skills deal no Damage

o Your Spells are disabled


· Viper’s Scales (Requirements: Level 28, Strength 43, Dexterity 43)

o Armour Rating: 312 - 343

o Evasion Rating:  312 - 343

o 80% to 100% Increased Armour and Evasion

o +30 to +40 Maximum Life

o +15% to +25% Cold Resistance

o 5% Increased Movement Speed

o 20% chance for Hits by Attacks to Poison

o Cannot be Poisoned


· Belly of the Beast (Requirements: Level 46, Strength 68, Dexterity 68)

o Armour Rating: 685 - 812

o Evasion Rating:  304

o 150% to 200% Increased Armour

o 30% to 40% Increased Maximum Life

o +10% to +15% Elemental Resistances (all)

o 50% Increased Flask Life Recovery rate

o Extra gore


· Lightning Coil (Requirements: Level 60, Strength 96, Dexterity 96)

o Armour Rating: 789 - 902

o Evasion Rating:  789 - 902

o +1 to +(20 or 30) Lightning Damage to Attacks

o 90% to 120% Increased Armour and Evasion

o +60 to +80 Maximum Life

o -60% Lightning Resistance

o 30% of Physical Damage Taken from Hits are converted into Lightning Damage


· Farrul’s Fur (Requirements: Level 69, Strength 95, Dexterity 116)

o Armour Rating: 836 - 1026

o Evasion Rating:  1049 - 1287

o 100% to 150% Increased Armour and Evasion

o +80 to +100 Maximum Life

o Aspect of the Cat Reserves no Mana

o +2 seconds to Cat's Stealth Duration

o Gain up to your maximum number of Frenzy and Power Charges when you gain Cat's Stealth

o You have Phasing while you have Cat's Stealth


There are undoubtedly plenty of other Unique Body Armours that favour the Duelist hybrid class, so stay tuned for Part 2 coming up in the near future, to learn more about them.


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