PoE Hybrid Sorcerer Supreme Body Armours Dexterity Intelligence Part 1

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If you are a dedicated PoE player who is looking to fuse Dexterity and Intelligence builds together, then today’s beginning selection of Unique Body Armours could certainly be of use to you in the game!




There are a multitude of different character builds that can be experimented with in PoE, even if you are starting out with a dedicated Class that is supposedly focused on one (1) main Attribute at any given time (e.g. Marauder heavily relies on Strength).


This is certainly true for hybrid Dexterity – Intelligence classes too, as mostly showcased by the Shadow class in the game.


No matter which Class you choose – even if it is not the Shadow – your choice of Unique Body Armour is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects that contribute to your overall setup, at the end of the day.


Let’s take a look at the Unique Body Armours that complement Dexterity – Intelligence builds in PoE, to date:




· Replica Shroud of the Lightless (Requirements: Level 71, Dexterity 88, Intelligence 122)


o Evasion Rating: 423

o Energy Shield: 117

o +20 to +25 Maximum Mana

o Contains six (6) Abyssal Sockets


· Bloodbond (Requirements: Level 35, Dexterity 53, Intelligence 53)


o Evasion Rating: 426 - 465

o Energy Shield: 85 – 93

o Grants Level 15 ‘Blood Offering’ Skill

o 100% to 120% Increased Evasion and Energy Shield

o 15% to 25% Increased Maximum Life

o Minions have 20% to 30% Increased Maximum Life

o Regenerate 1% of Life per Second

o Minions have 6% to 10% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits


· Doppelganger Guise (Requirements: Level 68, Dexterity 103, Intelligence 109)


o Evasion Rating: 512

o Energy Shield: 105

o Grants Level 20 'Unhinge’ Skill

o 40% to 60% Increased Critical Strike Chance while Insane

o Enemies Killed by your Hits are destroyed while Insane

o 15% to 25% Reduced Physical and Chaos Damage Taken while Sane

o Regenerate 10% Life over 1 Second when Hit while Sane


· Inpulsa’s Broken Heart (Requirements: Level 68, Dexterity 103, Intelligence 109)


o Evasion Rating: 512

o Energy Shield: 105

o +60 to +80 Maximum Life

o 20% to 50% Increased Damage if you have Shocked an Enemy in the last 4 seconds

o 15% to 25% Increased Effects of Shock

o Shocked Enemies killed will Explode, dealing 5% of their Life as Lightning Damage which cannot Shock

o Unaffected by Shock


· Saqawal’s Nest (Requirements: Level 65, Dexterity 107, Intelligence 90)


o Evasion Rating: 667 - 703

o Energy Shield: 228 – 264

o +25 to +75 Attributes (all)

o +30% to 40% Lightning Resistance

o -6% to -10% Mana Reserve

o 100% Increased ‘Aspect of the Avian’ Buff Effect

o ‘Aspect of the Avian’ also grants Avian's Might and Avian's Flight to nearby Allies

o +120 to +150 Evasion Rating and Energy Shield


These are just a few of other noteworthy ones that will be coming in Part 2 of this short listicle.


Stay tuned for that too, in the near future!


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