PoE Patch Notes for Update 3160d Now Up

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With Scourge League attracting returning players to the game, its recent game mechanics and changes has certainly been causes for concern, which prompted the developers to continuously release updates and patches to fix the game’s ongoing problems, culminating in Patch 3.16.0d right now!




Every game needs a seasonal shift, and that includes PoE too.


The introduction of Leagues is certainly an innovative way to keep the experience fresh for new players of the game as well as veterans as well.


Still, consistent League changes will undoubtedly bring about balance changes and different game mechanics into the fold, which is quite true for Scourge League at the moment.


Recently, a new game update has just been released in order to rectify some ongoing issues that continue to persist within the game – Patch 3.16.0d!


Here’s a look at what the latest update brings to the table:


Scourge League


· Scourged items will no longer generate both positive and negative modifiers of the same type.

· Scourged Map description has been updated to better reflect its functionality (when it shifts into Nightmare).

· Blood obtained from killing enemies has been increased when Scourge Maps shifts into Nightmare mode.

· Damage of Delve Spider Flicker Strike has been reduced.

· Damage of exploding pods in the Stagnation map’s Boss fight has been reduced.

· A few others.


Bug Fixes


· Sentinels of Absolution summoned via Intuitive Link will now attack as intended.

· Plague Bearer now correctly displays the Maximum Plague Value on the Skill Bar if Passive Mastery points had been put into them.

· Tempest Shield will now continue to be active (after logging in) if you logged out while the Skill is still in effect.

· Corrected Raise Spectre which could sometimes raise the wrong minion.

· Many more!


For the full list of changes, you can check them all out at PoE’s official forum here.


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