ThPath of Exile Expedition Expansion Is Coming On July 23rd

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The new Path of Exile expansion is coming in just a few weeks. The announcement came recently. The new Path of Exile Expedition has two release dates. PC players are a bit fortunate as they will be able to sink their teeth into the new content on July 23rd. Console players will have to wait a few more days until July 28th. Let's see what POE Expedition brings to the table.


What's Coming in Path of Exile Expedition


Why is it called Expedition? Because the story focuses on the Kalguuran expeditions. Players will become explorers in search of all sorts of powerful items. Unearthing these ancient relics is more than just putting a shovel to good use. Explosives are used in the process and this does not sit well with the undead. Players must plan how many explosives to use and take into consideration that they must also defeat the undeads that stand between them and the relics. The explosives can also be used to destroy various objects. You never know what you might find. POE Expedition introduces a new defensive mechanic. Players have wards that take the hit for them. Wards become depleted after a hit and they take time to regenerate. Several rewards can be obtained but not all at once so players must make decisions. These valuable findings are then used as currency at Kalguur merchants. The expansion carries the name of the new challenge league that is coming in July. Some of the expansion features include four new merchant NPCs, many new items, 19 different types of gems, and much more. The game has received some updates that will make it more challenging. The flask system has received an overhaul. An old feature makes a comeback. POE Expedition will see the return of Path of Exile: Royale. Each one of the four Kalguur merchants is looking for different types of artifacts. Players can sell, trade, gamble, or upgrade their items. Each merchant is different. In addition to relics, players will also find log books. These books work like maps that reveal the location of your next expedition. The log book expeditions are more challenging but have better rewards. Path of Exile Expedition has 19 new gems. Some are skill gems and others are for support. They are associated with the ascendancy classes. Battle Royale was introduced a few years ago as an April Fool's prank but players became fond of it. Path of Exile: Battle Royale will be available on select days.

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