The POE Sentinel Expansion Introduces New Features

created time2022-06-07 14:15:00

Go to POEFun for the best POE currency prices! The new POE Sentinel league has arrived. It brings a new challenge league and features. The new risk/reward mechanic buffs the monsters and gives better rewards. The combination feature allows players to mix Sentinels or items. Several new currencies that support this process are now part of the game. If you want to buy POE currency, head to POEFun and take advantage of the attractive offers and discounts.


New POE Sentinel Features

Power cores are needed to combine Sentinels. The core will destroy two creatures and make a new Sentinel that has powers from both parents. The interesting thing is that the new Sentinel can have unique and/or very powerful abilities. You cannot choose which powers the new Sentinel will have, but you can influence the result. The trick is to use different cores. Transforming cores have a higher chance to output special base types. The Amplifying core has a higher chance to give upgraded modifier tiers. If you use an Augmenting core, the new Sentinel has higher odds of having new random modifies. This process can also be applied to items. Just like when you destroy two Sentinels to create a new one, you can destroy two items of the same type to obtain a new one. Recombinators are the equivalent of cores. We have weapon, armor, and jewelry recombinators. Among the Sentinel additions, 20 new keystone passives are now part of the Atlas tree. Three new kinds of awakened support gems have also been added. The game has six more unique items. Five of them have been designed by those who won the Siege of the Atlas boss kill event. Twelve divination cards designed by the community are part of the new features. The core game now includes Archnemesis modifiers. They now replace existing magic and rare mobs mods. You can find rare mobs with two mods. After Act 6, you can find them with three. On maps, you need four mods for mobs. One mod is needed for magic mobs. Players can obtain Archnemesis modifiers from headhunter and inspired learning. You can have one instance of each mod at the same time. The core game no longer has Bloodlines and Nemesis mods. You can find some of these mods in the new mob mod system. POE Sentinel also introduces end-game changes. Atlas and map updates and bug fixes are part of the expansion as well.

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