The best resources you can use to prepare for the new PoE: Ultimatum League

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As older leagues, this one represents a great opportunities to start fresh with new characters. We want everything goes as smoothly as possible for you, that’s why we have put together a few articles and information we consider useful in this endeavor.

How to prepare for the new PoE

· In the official patch notes, you will find all adjustments, innovations, and features of patch 3.14.0, which will accompany the launch of new POE.

· You can use the special challenges to get exclusive rewards for your account. This will be no longer available to be unlocked .

· You can find items from other players. It is possible to filter very specifically the properties on the pieces of equipment. But don't forget to shop in the right league.

· A must for every player is a good loot filter in POE. You can choose your ideal ones and even adjust them according to your own wishes - only loot that you might be interested in will be highlighted in the game.

· If you are looking for a build, you will find it on the community page.

· You can also filter which class or which style of play you prefer - for example, a Marauder with spells or a Shadow with melee skills.

 Once you have found a build that you want to play, you can use the Building Code (usually stored in the guide) on to visualize your "journey.” So you can find out at a glance when you get which gems, which items currently cost how much, or how the links of the gems are distributed on the upgrade.

· To speed up your need for special equipment you always can get credits safely using – the most trustworthy website for micro transactions  where you can buy all your in-game stuff.

· If you have problems finding the right atlas maps after playing through the files in the endgame, you can exchange maps with other players on the website. Their system will quickly find other players who suit your needs exactly, especially when a league starts because they also want to look for maps and get rid of them.

We wish you a fantastic journey and good luck!

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account