Watch The Path Of Exile: Sentinel Reveal Event To Earn A Free Cosmetic

created time2022-05-23 17:20:00

Buy POE currency from POEFun today! The next Path of Exile expansion has been announced. We know its name and we know the release day. Path of Exile: Sentinel is coming on May 13th. We have two more weeks to wait before we get to try the new content. The trouble is that we don't yet know too much about Sentinel. In preparation for the new expansion, POEFun has prepared some special Path of Exile currency deals and offers! We are eagerly waiting for the reveal event to tell us more about this new chapter. It will take place as a live stream on Twitch. Mark the calendars for May 5th! That's the day when we find out more about the new adventure.


Path of Exile: Sentinel Reveal Event Viewers Grab a Free Cosmetic


Waiting is hard, but at least we know that a free item will be up for grabs during the reveal event. Those who watch the stream are eligible to receive the Rapture Wings cosmetic. This item enables characters to grow large red and black wings. They flap as the character moves. It's a cool item and what's even cooler is that you won't spend a cent to obtain it. The Rapture Wings are available as a Twitch Drop. This program rewards viewers when they watch select streams. The Sentinel reveal event is part of this campaign. Let's see what you need to do to obtain the item. If you are new to the Twitch Drops program, you should know that you need to have your Twitch account linked to your game account. It's something that takes only a few minutes, so don't worry about it. Make sure you are logged into the Twitch account. Go to the Twitch Settings on the Path of Exile website. If you are already linked, you will see a message saying so. Otherwise, click the Connect button. You can now obtain Twitch rewards. To get the Rapture Wings, you need to watch Path of Exile streams on May 5th. The drops will be available from 1 PM PDT until 10 PM PDT. If you are in another timezone, use a converter to see when that is in your local time. The cosmetic is guaranteed to be yours after 45 minutes of watching PoE streams. Don't forget to claim the item from the Twitch inventory. After doing this, you will see the cosmetic in the game microtransaction list.

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