What You Need to Know About the Path of Exile Hideout Competition

created time2021-09-04 00:00:00

Buy POE currency from POE FUN and we will deliver your order right away. The Hideout Competition is a Path of Exile event that encourages players to show off their hideouts. It's a fun contest that offers the most creative players the chance to win nice prizes. If you need more Path of Exile currency of any kind – maybe exalted orb - to improve your hideout for the competition, you can get it at amazing prices from POE FUN.

Your hideout needs to have a theme. Owners are free to pick any theme they like. The important thing is to design your hideout according to that theme as clearly as possible. One look at your hideout should be enough for the viewer to figure out what the theme is. There are a few rules for entering the contest. Before creating your hideout, you might want to check the POE currency price on POE Fun. You never know when you might find an offer to suit your budget. To be eligible for the Hideout Competition, players must make their hideouts after the Expedition expansion was released. You cannot use a hideout that was in a previous event such as the Hideout Showcase. The hideout must have your original design. It also must have a child-friendly look. You cannot have an offensive or inappropriate theme. Players must keep the hideout in the same form as it was when they've submitted the entry until the judging is final. You can submit more entries if you like. To enter the competition, you must upload a picture of your hideout on the Path of Exile forum in the Hideout Competition thread. Players will use imgur to create a new post with their image. Then, they will post the image address in the competition thread. It couldn't be easier. The competition has some really cool prizes. The first 20 players will get prizes. The first three winners get a unique forum avatar and badge inspired by their hideout, a signed art book, some cosmetics, and Path of Exile merchandise. The fourth and fifth places get merchandise and cosmetics. The other 14 winners get cosmetics. The winners can select their cosmetics from a prize pool that includes weapon and helmet effects. Participants can submit their entries into the Path of Exile Hideout Competition until September 12th.

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